Beam teaches tools that strengthen social & emotional development for teens & young adults.


Occupational Therapy & Psychology Services

Life is not meant to be lived behind the walls we build to protect ourselves or behind screens where we can’t help but compare ourselves to others. That is the reality that teens and young adults face today. Formerly COMPASS, our new program, Beam, created and offered by Zier Institute and AZ+A, provides a safe space for typical and atypical developing high school and college-aged individuals and their families to be balanced, engaged, attuned, and mindful.


Focused on helping teens and young adults discover their best selves – young men and women who are confident, joyful and self-aware, capable of building and maintaining strong relationships.

Beam is for teens and young adults in need of a safe and comfortable space to learn about themselves, face fears, increase confidence, and strengthen relationships.


Beam is a 12-week program with individual or group interaction options. Parent involvement can be included for relationship building. The time will be spent on a series of questionnaires, exercises, journaling, self-reflection and discussions.

We will engage the teens and young adults on their preferences, how the time is structured and what works for them — all with the goal of self-empowerment in mind.

Why it Works

Our team of professionals including Occupational Therapists and Psychologists have developed this program with the whole person in mind. We look at social, emotional and developmental challenges and work with our clients to strengthen emotional regulation and relationship.

Our assessments, activities and tools support the teens and young adults in navigating the difficulties of this essential time period in a non-judgmental and interactive way.


Navigating current relationships and forming new ones. Helping them create a sense of ‘belonging’ with healthy boundaries.

Goal Setting

Creating awareness of opportunities big and small. Setting milestones and ways to help build confidence.

Frustrations and Anxiety

Understanding triggers and stress. How to navigate those situations and learn tools to move through these emotions.

With Beam, we will explore:

• Emotional regulation

• Nonverbal behavioral cues

• Problem-solving skills

• Friendships

• Leadership skills



• Making effective choices

• Conversation skills

• Understanding social cues

• Dating concerns

• Family dynamics


• Executive functioning difficulties

• Life transitions

• Decision making

• Work conflicts

• Boundary setting


We Can Help

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Beam employs a multidisciplinary approach that combines occupational therapy with traditional and innovative social teaching tools. Building on the work of Dr. Dan Seigel, Brene Brown Ph.D., MSW, Shefali Tsbary, Ph.D., Becky Bailey, Ph.D., and Dr. Gabor Maté, we are able to look at each individual profile through a developmental lens.

Our team then looks at the biological, psychological, and social-environmental aspects that could be impacting the adolescent or young adult’s ability to thrive. This information alongside our therapists’ insights allow us to personalize the 12-week Beam program to individual needs.

Beam helped me see places where my thinking was getting in the way of my growth. It helped me to understand friendships, expectations and trusting myself. I am able to see ways of setting limits and focusing on my goals while having fun.”

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