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Speech Summer Programming

AAC Summer Play Camp

Session 1:
June 4th-6th from 11am-12:30pm
Session 2: June 25th-27th from 11am-12:30pm
Session 3: July 16-18th from 11am-12:30pm

Ages: 3-10

Intensive AAC modeling with a licensed speech pathologist. Children can expect an upbeat and fun environment with engaging play activities, a snack, and social time with other children using augmented communication. Early communicators or minimally speaking children are also welcome!

Discover the AAC Summer Play Camp!
Your child can embark on an enriching journey of communication exploration! Our camp offers intensive AAC modeling in a supportive environment led by a licensed speech pathologist.

At our camp, children will thrive in an upbeat and dynamic atmosphere filled with engaging play activities, opportunities for socialization, and delicious snacks. Campers will enjoy connecting with peers who also use augmented communication, fostering a sense of belonging.
We welcome early communicators and minimally speaking children, providing a nurturing space for them to grow and express themselves.

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Speech Sound Summer Camp

Session 1: June 4th-6th from 1-2pm
Session 2:  June 25th-27th from 1-2pm
Session 3:  July 16-18th from 1-2pm

Ages: 4-8

Where play and speech sound practice meet! Keep the progress of the school year’s speech therapy by continuing your child’s progress with this camp. Activities will be centered around your child’s specific speech sound needs and run by a licensed speech pathologist.

Welcome to Speech Sound Summer Camp, where play and speech sound practice converge for an unforgettable learning experience!
Enroll your child in our specialized camp to maintain the momentum of their speech therapy progress over the school year. Led by a licensed speech pathologist, our camp offers tailored activities designed to target your child’s speech sound needs.
Through a combination of fun and purposeful activities, your child can reinforce their speech skills in a supportive environment. Whether they’re working on articulation, phonological awareness, or other speech sound goals, our camp is a fun environment for continued speech development.

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