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Psychology Today recently published an article discussing the additional need of coping skills for Gen Z kids due to cultural and historical stressors. By fruition, these same stressors will apply to Gen Alpha children and likely affect the Millenial generation too. Wait, are you confused about which generation your children fall into? We were also! We’ll save you the Google search for reference – Millenial 1980-1994, Gen Z 1995-2012 and Gen Alpha is 2013-2025.

it might seem like the days of a care-free childhood and stress-free teenage years are bygone due to the exposure to school shootings, gun violence, terrorism and other “unsafe” narratives. Pair this with the unrealistic demands for extra-curricular activities and pressures for “likes” on social media and no wonder today’s teenagers and children are depressed and anxious. 

Hope is not lost. The article referenced above is full of coping strategies and intervention ideas, which include:

  • Promoting resiliency in children (it’s never to early to start)
  • Building close friendships in real time
  • Become a parent who listens versus one who lectures
  • Encourage your child(ren) to ask for help when needed (Here comes our shameless plug… Occupational therapy and social groups can help. See our site for information. What?! We really do address these very issues ??‍♂️)

Compared to Baby Boomers and Generation X, these generations are growing up feeling physical or emotional pain. Living in the Information Age has brought about the unlikely side effects of depression and anxiety in children. Moving at the speed of light makes it increasingly difficult for parents to limit exposure to the negative but love and presence still overcome the greatest of odds.