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Are you ready for an evaluation?

We are here to help you understand your child, their challenges and responses to those and how you can support them. Evaluations are individualized but may include a school visit, parent and child clinic visit, parent and/or caregiver meetings. These help us get a comprehensive view of the child and allow us to review the observations and assessments and develop a plan of care if necessary.

Our goal is to have a thorough evaluation of your child, their strengths, weaknesses and overall developmental profile. We hope to create the most effective treatment plan for your family. If you are ready for an evaluation, you have a few choices:

  • Set up a FREE 15 min consultation to help you understand how we can help your child/teen/family.
  • Call 402-933-2882 and Press #2 to get the intake process started.
  • Email larry@zierinstitute.com to discuss your needs or any questions you may have.

Zier Institute welcomes families and individuals of all race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression.


Getting ready for your first visit.

At the Zier Institute, we think it’s important to create positive interactions between you, your child and our practice. We do this by understanding your child or unique situation. We have a series of intake forms and evaluations which helps this process. You will be directed to fill the appropriate forms out. This will help us prepare before you arrive to help create a thoughtful, attunded and welcoming space for your child/teen.

As we get to know you, we may also ask you to have caregivers or teachers to complete some paperwork, so we have the critical information we need to develop our assessment and plan of therapy.


Your First Visits

In some cases, we may determine that it is best to have a consult with the parents first, or a few, before meeting with the child/teen to help gain an understanding of any challenges or goals you have for your child/teen. These meetings can establish the approach and family system support to help your child/teen be successful in your therapies.

In other cases, we may do observations with video, in-school or sports, to see the child/teen in action to help understand their sensory profiles.

Most often, we will begin by meeting with the child/teen and letting them get comfortable with the space and the therapist to help to start to establish an effective relationship.

From the very start, you’ll see that this is a positive place designed with children, teens and families in mind. From the interactions we share to the way the space is creatively designed, it’s all about relationships. As a result, we hope to make you feel more at ease allowing you to gain the greatest benefit from the time you spend here with us.

Come discover the difference we can make in your family’s life.



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