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Making It Work For You

At the Zier Institute, we think it’s more important to create positive interactions between you, your child and our practice. That’s why we do all we can to make it easy to work with us – from your very first time and every time.

Your first visit
Click here to find the forms you’ll need for your first visit. This will help you to have everything ready before you arrive. So, you can focus your attention on your child, instead of a clipboard and paperwork. As part of the process of getting to know your child, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire and we may also ask you to have caregivers or teachers to complete it as well, so we have the critical information we need to develop our assessment and plan of therapy.

Once you’re here
From the very start, you’ll see that this is a positive place designed with children in mind – they feel it, too. From the interactions we share to the way the space is organized, it’s all about relationships. As a result, your child will like it here and feel more at ease. So you and your child are able to gain the greatest benefit from the time you spend here with us and view us as a very positive influence in your lives.

Come discover the difference we can make in you and your child’s life.