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Speech Therapy

At Zier Institute we offer Speech Therapy for:

Preschool Age – Assessment and intervention methods for young children

School Age – Approaches, testing, and assessments for K-12

Exploring Innovative Speech and Language Therapy Methods

Speech and language therapy at Zier Institute tailors therapeutic interventions based on your child’s unique profile. We create individualized programming with multi-sensory techniques that provide your child with concrete and complete language learning experiences.

Your child will enjoy our play-based and child-led approach, which focuses on creating a meaningful relationship with the child and family and uses the child’s strengths to build upon other growing skills.

We design therapy sessions to support language skills that relate to home and community settings, including:

  • Pragmatic and conversational language skills
  • Auditory processing and comprehension capacities
  • Speech sound disorders/articulation
  • Production of language to build functional competence
  • Emerging written expression supported by the formulation of speech, including SQ sequencing
  • Storytelling and narrative development, which bridges written and oral language, improves listening, reading comprehension, and literacy skills. Storytelling also improves self-esteem, provides problem-solving techniques, and teaches children how to relate with empathy toward others.

The focus of speech and language interventions at Zier Institute and AZ+A is within the context of:

    • Relationships
    • Interpretation of social cues
    • Provide opportunities to practice language skills through interactions that follow the child’s lead.

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Central to the evidence-based speech therapy and language processes is a strong focus on emotional development and meeting the child where they are at to ensure a solid developmental foundation. The use of affect, connection, and relationship is essential for the child and family to benefit from our innovative language and speech approach fully.

The focus of speech and language interventions at Zier Institute and AZ+A is within the context of relationship.

Let’s Evaluate

As a professional team of speech and language therapists and pediatric occupational therapists, we look at the individual strengths and weaknesses of the child to create their developmental profile.

Evaluations take place in a playful environment where children feel comfortable interacting with parents, caregivers, and therapists.

Parents and Caregivers – Welcome to the team!

Parents and caregivers are fundamental to the child’s therapeutic team and participate in therapy sessions. When caregivers take an active role, the essence of treatment is embedded in interactions at home. Parents are the experts on their children, and we are the development experts. Together, we create a powerful connection that produces tangible outcomes.

Our robust selection of speech and language assessments includes:

  • KLPA-3 (Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis, 3rd edition)
  • CELF-5 (Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, 5th edition)
  • PLS-5 (Preschool Language Scales)
  • OWLS-2 (Oral and Written Language Scales, 2nd edition)
  • TAPS-3 (Test of Auditory Programming Skills, 3rd edition)
  • EVT-2 (Expressive Vocabulary Test, 2nd Edition)
  • PPVT-2 (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, 2nd edition)
  • The Clinical Assessment of Language Comprehension, Miller, Jon F. & Paul, Rhea, 1995

How Speech and Language Therapy Helps – Finding Solutions

At Zier Institute, we promote a trust-based SLP approach. We focus on helping children, teens, and families develop the tools for success.

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