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Social Groups for Children and Teens

In addition to supporting individual therapy goals, social groups with our therapists go beyond helping children and teens’ unique sensory, motor and emotional profile to address moment-to-moment social interactions between peers that occur in daily life. By doing so, we can promote self-regulation, shared engagement, reciprocity, and emotional thinking – which are integral for the child’s success in the family, school, and larger community.

Below are some examples of the social groups we have run. Please schedule a free 15 min consult to discuss what options are currently available.

Confident Connections

Confident Connections is group therapy and support for high-school-age and teen girls looking for connection outside of school, sports, or social media. We offer a safe environment that fosters relationship growth, emotional regulation, yoga/mindfulness, and more. This group helps teen girls, ages 13-15(ish), who may struggle to build positive peer relationships, practice self-harming behaviors, or are stuck in negative thinking patterns.

Gutsy Girls

Gutsy Girls celebrates the bravery and self-discovery that girls experience during their pre-teen years. Designed specifically for pre-teen girls ages 10-12(ish), this therapy group for tweens incorporates fun, creative and mindful activities that foster connection, belonging, and acceptance. Girls will discover new talents and interests with their online peers, which increases confidence and social connectedness.

Syndicate – College Age/Young Adult Meetup

Zier Institute created Syndicate, so young adults can have a safe place where they’re free to be just who they are. Social relationships are an integral and critical part of life. This group is for young adults who are diagnosed or self-diagnosed with Asperger/High-Functioning Autism. Our occupational therapist will focus on social-emotional awareness and growth, stress management, and other therapeutic tools for growing up.



Teen Boys Social Group

Is your child finding it difficult to make friends? Does your child enjoy video game time over time with people? Are you concerned about bullying? This social group is perfect for any pre-teen and teen boy struggling with these issues. We’ll meet once a week, allowing your child to experience new relationships in an intimate, supportive setting.


Teen Social Group

This group is focused on helping teenagers discover their best selves – young men and women who are confident, joyful and self-aware, capable of building and maintaining strong relationships.