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Study Partners for Learning Support

At Zier Institute, study partners provide students with the individualized help they need to keep up on the changing dynamic of school expectations and readiness.

Studies Partners offers:

  • Support to children who experienced disruption with school which may have impacted their social skills and emotional regulation.
  • Strategies for any child who is at risk of falling behind because they’re struggling with focus or behavior in the (home or school) classroom.
  • Help to students with diagnosed with learning disorders such as ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s, or Sensory Processing Disorders.
  • Support for parents who are working from home while homeschooling or facilitating remote learning through their child’s school. Utilizing a study buddy can alleviate some of the unavoidable stress when mom and dad also become teacher, playmate, etc.

Study Partners by Zier Institute is an ongoing support partner for your child’s learning experience. Benefits include:

1. Understand Child’s profile for learning
2. Take part in child led discussions around concerns and worries
3. Help with school organization and potential for overwhelm
4. Give parents a break
5. Plan for projects and school responsibilities
6. Help with regulating responses and anxieties around school as it is today – increased flexibility
7. Help pressure at home

Study Partners may appear like a tutoring program, but it offers so much more. We combine our OT lens and our understanding of children’s profiles to further growth that occurs in therapy or in a classroom.

For existing clients, Study Partners are designed to enhance the benefits of your personal therapy sessions. Supplementing weekly therapy with the addition of Study Partners and an age-appropriate social group provides the total package in strengthening social skills, emotional health, and resiliency.

Study Partners is open to any child impacted by the pandemic or life changes. We offer an extra layer of assistance as kids and families navigate changes at home, school, and in society. Sometimes all it takes is having one person to help keep you on track. This program offers reassurance for students in need.

We can help

We explore the environmental context as a critical component to study habits, we take into consideration the emotions tied to learning including:

  • 8 basic emotions
  • Emotions & action urges
  • Judgments vs. facts
  • Honor your feelings
  • Wise mind
  • Anxiety
  • Strategies for calming the body & mind

Understanding Your Child's Profile for Learning

Our understanding of their education profile coupled with their developmental profile increases the chance for academic improvements. Knowing how a child learns, communicates and feels are all important components to academic success.

Help with School Organization and Potential for Overwhelm

Sometimes it takes a Study Partner, or anyone who is not their parent to offer suggestions how to organize study materials to prevent being overwhelmed by homework each day. We observe your child’s patterns and nudge them in new directions.

Planning for Projects and School Responsibilities

Study Partners can help eliminate (some) of the “Mom, I have to build a volcano for science tomorrow and it’s my day to take cookies” at 9:30 on Sunday night. We’ve all been there!

Child Led Discussions Around Concerns and Worries

Unlike a tutoring session that works on specific assignments only, we are trained to follow the cues of the child. Yes, homework will get done but if there are stresses or anxieties involved, we’ll start to uncover those as well.

Give Parents a Well-Deserved Break

Balancing work/family was difficult before COVID. Now the pressure to prevent any continued learning loss, back to school uncertainties… it’s all too much. Study Partners takes homework off their plate.

Regulated Junction – That’s Our Function

Working closely with your child’s OT allows the Study Partner to help your child with regulating responses and anxieties that often occur in school, with the goal to promote increased flexibility.

Exploring Routines

As Pediatric Occupational Therapists, we give your children the tools they need to improve on learning. We center these tools around your child’s profile, behavior, and current habits, while exploring changes to their routines.


Individualized approach

We are here for you. If you have any additional questions or would like to understand more about our program, please give us a call at 402-933-2882, email us, or schedule a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.

Do you work alongside other professionals and pediatricians?

Zier Institute takes a comprehensive approach to all of our services and partner with doctors, teachers, and other professionals to ensure the best solution for your child and family. There is no one size fits all plan and we welcome partnering with other professionals while working with your family.

How do we know its working?

Consistency is key when implementing a Studies Buddies plan and for maintaining healthy study habits. Results depend on the age of the child and the learning challenges that may be present. We create an ongoing consistent relationship to help them achieve their goals.


What can we expect from working with you?

Before the initial consultation, we discuss the needs for your child and your family. We will then schedule an in-clinic or virtual consultation which leads to a Study Partners plan.


What are the options for Study Partners?

You can do a simple 3x a week 15 minute check-in with longer time periods for special projects, or combine check-in organizational sessions with longer learning sessions. After discussing with you what your challenges are, we will come up with a Study Partners plan.

Ready to get started?

Call us at 402-933-2882, set up an appointment for a free consultation or email us today!