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Children with ADD or other learning disabilities do not, for the most part, act the way they do out of conscious choice. Far from committing wilful misdemeanors, the child is acting out impulses which he little understands and over which he has little control. The hyperactive seven-year-old in Port Hardy cannot sit still for the simple reason that his brain will not let him. The part of his cerebral cortex, or grey matter, that is meant to inhibit the impulse to fidget and move about is not up to its task. Blaming such a child for his restlessness and trying to control it with punishment or coercion will not work. In the short term he may be helped by medication, but the long-term question is how to enable him to develop so that he can acquire some psychological rest and impulse control.

At Zier Institute we focus on the individual child to discover triggers and behavioral modifications. We work with them to find ways of regulating and coping in their environments. We work together with your doctors, teachers and family members to create the most comprehensive and cohesive treatment plan to create a more harmonious existence.