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Student Support

Gaining the Tools Students Need for School Success

Some children and teens need special support for school. Some may have behavioral or emotional challenges, as well as ADD or ADHD resulting in learning issues, for many years. It is our goal to help these students learn the tools for emotional regulation, focused attention and the ability to have reciprocal relationships and effective communication. We strive to help them each reach their full potential.

We take a student-centered approach to educational support. We look to identify educational challenges including learning, behavioral or emotional issues, or learning disabilities. We then work closely with each child/teen to create an individualized plan to help them succeed.

Our therapists understand the need to create a safe and supportive environment to work on these tools. We build relationships so they feel empowered to tackle educational challenges and work to reach their academic goals.

Also, please find some information on our  STUDY PARTNERS program – helping students thrive!

Teacher Support

Bringing the Benefits of Therapy into the Classroom

Next to parents and family, educators spend a lot of time with children. When they are challenged by difficult behaviors, learning differences, or emotional issues, it can be difficult to know how best to support these students and their families. At Zier Institute we can provide support to teachers so that they can maximize your childs potential.

Zier Institute is available to speak with you or even to provide a speaker to address your group or school. We are also happy to arrange one-to-one consultations with the teachers of our patients to support the best possible outcomes. It begins with you.

To discuss a specific situation at your school or to learn more about resources we provide, please contact Larry at larry@zierinstitute.com.