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Focusing on Your Child’s Success

At Zier Institute, we measure our success on the success of your child and family. Whether you’re in the early stages of seeing signs your child needs occupational therapy or have received a diagnosis of developmental delays or emotional disorder, Zier Institute designs custom treatment plans to meet the specific and wonderfully unique needs of your child.

Many families who call us – either on their own or due to a school/doctor referral – know their child is struggling and just don’t what to do to help. If you’ve ever sat in front of a Google screen searching for solutions, you quickly realize it can sometimes be a combination of things.

  • Does my child have a sensory disorder?
  • How to manage my teenagers ADHD?
  • How to know if child has sensory issues?
  • How to help my neurodivergent child fit in?
  • Why can’t I find the help I need for my struggling child?!?
  • How can I help my child find friends?
  • Why does my child get so angry? Why do I get so angry with my child?

Please know, you are not alone. Zier Institute is committed to being the partner your child and your family needs. Beyond a formal education in occupational therapy, we bring the benefit of our experience, and medical professionals who share our passion, in working directly with children and their families. We bring the ecosystem of the family, caregivers, teachers and more to the table to help teach emotional regulation and practical skills.

We use a development approach to engage your child at their current level of functioning. This allows us to work with the unique features of each child’s nervous system and utilize intensive interactive experiences that enable mastery of new capacities. Zier Institute’s holistic methods offer alternatives to cognitive behavioral therapy or ABA Therapy by engaging the whole child on their level.

Each new relationship is approached with a sensitivity to your child’s interests and abilities and with the involvement of parents, family, educators and others who play important roles in your child’s life. At Zier Institute, children, teens and young adults are able to experience the best possible outcomes due to these multi-disciplinary and inclusive therapy methods. To us, that is success!


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