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Teaching kids to make good decisions is a challange as old as time. Raising young men and women who think through the choices they make and weigh the pros and cons before acting – nope, nothing new to see here, folks. Parents have been doing that forevs – as the kids now would say.

Well, they might not even say it… There is likely an emoji or acronym for everything we’re about to say that we wouldn’t even understand. That is a challenge facing parent’s today that is new and difficult to get our hands around. Not our phones – we’ve all got our hands on those but how to use them to effectively communicate with our children is tough. Especially when they have a language and form of communication with their friends that we are not included in. While we all ?and hope our lessons in critical thinking come through during the moments that matter most, it is incumbent upon us to learn how to communicate with our children during every stage of their life.

Nurturing critical thinking and decision making in a digital world is possible and can be achieved by approaching conversations with our children in a variety of ways. Learn how to bridge the gap between Snapchat, texting and – wait for it – real conversation with some of the innovative strategies discussed in the following article by Joyce Marter. We feel it’s a must read for households with pre-teens and teens.