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6 sessions – 90 minutes each – $300.00

My Child is Making Me Crazy: Should Parenting Be This Difficult?

Parents and Children have certain ways of relating and making meaning together. When relating does not have balanced elements, disruptions occur and there is an increase of challenging behaviors. Discover elements needed for a balanced relationship with your child so life is easier for everyone.

Sleep-Eat-Play: Getting Your Child in Sync
Sleeping, eating and playing well are fundamental for a healthy happy family. Discover the important elements that support mastery of these areas. You will be surprised it does not take much!

Explosive and Intense: How to Identify Triggers, Create Supports
and Soothe Your Child Effectively

Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat: Helping the Fearful, Sensitive and Anxious Child
Understanding the origins of your child’s fear and anxiety is the first step. Modifying the environment, attuning to your child’s emotional signals and instilling competency and courage should follow.

Constant Movement, Intensity and Exploration: How Can I Get My Child to Stop?
Understanding what drives your child’s impulsiveness, intensity and insatiable need for constant movement is important. Next you will learn how to put specific activities, interactions and reflections into daily life so everyone can relax for a moment!

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