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After a recent conversation about the role of many fathers in therapy in our clinic and our partner clinics in Chicago and Italy, we stumbled across THIS article about Fathers & Self-Reg in Families. The author offers an honest perspective about his struggle to be helpful to his wife and connect with his kids in meaningful ways. The lessons he learned about fatherhood, regulation, and what it means to be a healthy family is worth the read. Share it with any father who is yearning to be involved with his family and partner on a deeper level but might not know where to begin. Regulation is a great place to start.

Emotional regulation is not an innate skill. None of us are born with the ability to recognize, monitor, and adapt our emotions depending on the situation. The importance of modeling self-regulation is discussed frequently with our families, peer clinicians and the children in our clinic. The earlier regulation work begins, the better but we’ve found that it is a lifelong process. As parents and therapists ourselves, we still practice our own regulation on a daily basis. No one is infallible. Room for growth exists within everyone. Start today!