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Zier Institute is a firm believer that a key component in the pediatric occupational therapy we provide is parent-inclusion. We strive to include the caregiver(s) of the child whenever, and as actively. as possible. Throughout our years working with Omaha families, parent involvement continues to result in excellent progress for the child.

The results of this recent Yale University study about children with anxiety (cited HERE) are fascinating. This study focused solely on the parent(s) and how their behavior could help the child face his or her fears, rather than centering on changing the child‘s behavior. Arming participants with more knowledge about parenting strategies rather than accommodating the feelings of fear, parents learned they have the power to play an active role in moving their child beyond significant anxieties.

When we work with children, our hope is to also empower parents with strategies based on their own life experiences. Since how we were parented directly impacts our own parenting strategies, it is important for us to examine those parenting patterns, beliefs and where they came from. Parenting is life’s most important work and we applaud parents who bravely evaluate themselves in order to make their children stronger, more resilient and happier in the end.