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Have you ever picked up a parenting magazine or run across an online article and read something that describes you to a tee? This recently happened when a parent of one of our clients read this article. After the “AHA” cartoon lightbulb faded from above her head, she shared with us that she didn’t realize she was a lawnmower parent. Our best estimate is that every parent experiences approximately a million “AHA” parenting moments as we realize our best intentions may not result in the best outcome. If this happens to you, it’s important not to beat yourself up. Instead, remind yourself immediately that there is no parenting handbook (if only!) and having children who know they are loved and protected is a huge accomplishment. Celebrate it!

After coming to terms that your parenting style might benefit from some tweaks, keep educating yourself. Parenting isn’t one size fits all and there are abundant resources to learn new, exciting and positive ways to try new parenting approaches. We promise you’ll find options that don’t require wrapping your children in bubble wrap and mowing over any potential threat in their lives. Feeling stuck? Zier Institute works directly with many parents to find solutions for their children.

Zier Institute designs play-based activities, groups, and programs where our young clients are safe yet challenged. Failure is an ugly word for something that teaches so much. The children and teens who attend Zier for pediatric therapy often experience some failure but their resilience inspires us every day. Most importantly, the pride and confidence they build when overcoming challenges affect their lives in immeasurable ways. Turn off the lawnmower, and land the helicopter – there is a better way.