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Separation anxiety is typically experienced by infants or toddlers when they are separated from their parents. Most children outgrow it by approximately 3 years of age. Currently, there is much talk about the impending psychological pandemic due to the effects of quarantine; working from home, learning from home, lack of socialization, financial hardships, grief over personal loss, our collective loss, and the totality of the mental health challenges COVID-19 will leave in its wake.

Most families have endured a roller coaster ride – one with lots of loops, sudden drops, and hanging upside downs twists – but they’ve also bonded and experienced a connection unlike before.

How many of us have ever had this much time with our kids? Will we ever have it again?

But now, it’s time to start straying from the safety of our nests, and with this step, separation anxiety will undoubtedly hit us all as our tight-knit COVID family and bubbles begin to expand once again. Not that we expect many teenagers to admit to it, but we think most of us will miss, at least certain parts of, this strange, difficult, and yet wonderful time together.

As reentry into work, social events, sports, etc., resumes, Zier Institute is ready to support both children and parents with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and resocialization. If panic attacks or anxiety begin to interfere with school, work, or other daily activities, let’s get ahead of it before it becomes something more.