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Speech and language therapy during the summer months is invaluable for children. It provides continuity in learning and development even when school is out of session. Summer speech also provides children with different and fun experiences that can boost their background knowledge, vocabulary, and language, which can support their reading and writing skills when they return to school. 

Speech and Language Therapy at Zier Institute offers learning in a comfortable and fun environment. We tailor each session to meet the individual child’s needs. 

Why Speech and Language Therapy Matters

Speech and language is one of the major pathways for connection, relationships, understanding, and overall communication. Speech and language therapists target a variety of aspects of language and speech, such as vocabulary, increasing sentence length, positional words, reading comprehension, auditory processing, and articulation errors in speech. 

When speech and language therapies are introduced early in a fun, playful, and engaging way, children and families can see a dramatic change in their child’s overall communication. Speech therapists are the catalysts for breaking down the barriers that present communication challenges for some children. 

Start the School Year Strong

Speech therapy during the summer helps children start the school year armed with new skills and confidence gained from their summer experiences. Continuing or beginning speech services in the summer can help children begin school strong without the “summer slide” or decrease in skills. 

Summer is a great time to expose children to fun activities while providing them with speech and language input that is not otherwise available in the colder months. For example, playing with water balloons outside poses a mass of vocabulary to experience and model that could only be imagined when it is colder outside. 

Tailored Therapeutic Opportunities

Zier Institute’s speech therapy program offers a wide range of activities carefully designed to provide therapeutic benefits while aligning with each child’s interests and abilities. From sensory exploration to social skills development and speech therapy, we create opportunities for children to grow and learn in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Flexible Options for Families

We understand that summer is a fun-filled time for families. We strive to accommodate busy summer schedules while ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate in and benefit from speech therapy all year long.

Embracing Innovation and Inclusion

Our commitment to innovation and inclusion ensures that our programs are accessible and engaging for all children. We create a supportive environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential regardless of ability.


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