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Dreaming of a stress-free December? So are we! Adults often think the holiday season is stressful but it can be equally as emotionally charged for children. The flurry of activities, changes in routine, forced interactions, uncomfortable “dress-up” clothes, too many sweets or too many new foods, so many tempting toys… This list could be as long as Santa’s but you get the idea. It’s not all sugar plums and dancing fairies. While children are usually excited for the holidays, they feel the same sensory and emotional overload that many adults experience this time of year. The most wonderful time of the year can be a lot to handle!

Parents™ online magazine has delivered the goods with 7 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Christmas Stress. Their holiday parenting tips are common sense ways to address the stress that children with or without developmental differences can experience. The holidays ought to be focused on connection and relationships rather than running ourselves ragged to see as many relatives humanly possible while expecting perfect behavior from ourselves and our children. We set our own trap for stress and self-sabotage instead of jingling and mingling.

This year, let’s all take a parenting pledge to find joy instead of hustle and bustle. It’s out there, it’s not made of plastic, it can’t be bought from a store, and doesn’t cost a cent. It takes time and can be exhausting but it is what memories are made of. Do you have holiday tips of your own? Please share them on our Facebook page.