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Telehealth for Pediatric Occupational Therapy

When the tough gets going, the tough find options that work. Zier Institute has remained committed to supporting families during the COVID19 pandemic. We continue to see clients while following all CDC guidelines but have also expanded “novel” therapy options for our clientele to include Telehealth.

  • Telehealth zoom sessions are convenient! Your OT session takes place in a quiet, distraction-free setting of your choice. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

  • Telehealth allows Zier Institute to support children and families in need throughout Nebraska.
  • Concerned about missing appointments due to busy schedules, bad weather, travel schedules, or social distancing? Teletherapy is a great alternative!

  • Ensure continuity of care by selecting the same day/time slot as your usual in-person session.

  • Our Zoom Telehealth platform is HIPAA compliant. Your privacy is our priority.

How does Teletherapy work?

Connection is at the center of Zier Institute’s therapy model. Telehealth allows the connection we’ve built with our clients to continue during much-needed OT sessions. Using technology, we are able to treat, connect, and help regulate emotions, which is especially important during these uncertain times.

  • When you register for Telehealth, you’ll receive a packet that includes a Telehealth authorization form, instructions for Zoom calls and suggestions for household items to have on hand during online therapy.

THIS podcast about calming children through coronavirus includes messages important for all of us during these difficult days. Zier Institute is sending daily resources for parents and kids via Facebook and our newsletter. Sign-up to receive our newsletter and follow Zier Institute on Facebook today.