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Published Research

Occupational Therapy International – A Quantitative Summary of The Listening Program Efficacy Studies:  What areas were found to improve by TLP Intervention?

Autism Research and Treatment – Volume 2015:  Review Article
Neural Mechanisms Involved in Hypersensitive Hearing:  Helping Children with ASD Who Are Overly Sensitive to Sounds

Occupational Therapy International – Efficacy of a Sound-based Intervention with a Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Auditory Sensory Over-responsivity

International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation – The Effectiveness of Auditory Stimulation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:  A Case-Control Study

The Paediatric Continence Promotion Service, UK
A pilot investigation into the effects of listening to modified classical music, including bone conduction, in improving toilet training outcomes for children with learning difficulties


Autism Aspergers Digest: Unlocking Potential: Using TLP to help individuals with autism spectrum disorders improve auditory processing

S.I. Focus Magazine – Autism Spectrum:  The Listening Program – Auditory Series

SENMagazine – Using music to enhance sensory processing


TLP is used at top hospitals, including:

Children’s Specialized Hospital – the nation’s leading provider of inpatient and outpatient care with 13 locations in NJ. Over 50 therapists are trained every year for over a decade

Our Children’s House Dallas – Children’s Medical Center

Primary Children’s Hospital

Kaiser Permanente and more



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