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There are a lot of characteristics that make your child unique and many factors that determine whether your child can benefit from our therapies. Parents observe a variety of responses for stimuli, all of which we address uniquely to  what best fits your child. Some of these observations include:

“He’s an extremely bright boy, but he doesn’t respond to other children or engage with them.”

“When it comes to playing with other children, he just gets really quiet and observes without interaction.”

“He has problems with loud noises and presses too hard into the paper with art projects.”

“With other kids, he’s not really aware of body space and gets too close – at circle time especially.”

“At first we assumed he was overly spoiled, but he’s still very distractible and touches other kids.”

“He has trouble with class work, coloring and even the sports he was initially so enthusiastic about.”

“She has very strong emotional responses – where she may collapse on the floor and it takes her so long to calm herself.”

“It often feels like he’s just not entirely present in the conversation.”

“Eating is awful. She won’t try anything new and will only eat certain foods.”

“Whenever his brother cries, he says that it hurts his ears.”

“Socks and clothing are really difficult for him to be comfortable in.”

“Smells and loud noises bother her.”

“She often walks on her tip-toes whenever she’s excited.”

“She is extremely clumsy.”

“He has no imaginary play.”

“At three months, he cried for 3 hours straight because he did not want to sit in his car seat.”

“He is not comfortable with group classes.”

“Whenever he gets upset, he has a really hard time coming back to his center.”

“He didn’t want to be engaged. He had lots of energy and wanted to be moving.”

“She has an intense fear of mom leaving.”

“Sleep is hard because she feels like her eyes are tired, but her mind doesn’t stop.”

“He has moments when he just zones out.”

If you have questions about your child, feel free to contact us today to understand more about how we can help.