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The benefits of summer camp and speech camp, like those offered by Zier Institute, are invaluable for children. They provide continuity in learning and development even when school is out, all in a setting that prioritizes fun and engagement.

At Zier Institute, our commitment to excellence and innovation led us to introduce two new speech camps in 2024: the AAC Summer Play Camp and the Speech Sound Summer Camp. Spearheaded by skilled professionals like Speech Therapist Rachel Lee and Occupational Therapists Theresa Kennelly and Taylor Gutzman, these specialized camps complement our annual summer camp, enriching the offerings available to families.

Here are more benefits of summer camp and speech camp:  

Occupational Therapist Involvement from Start to Finish

One of the key strengths of our camps is the direct involvement of occupational and speech therapists from start to finish. This active participation ensures that each child receives personalized attention and support tailored to their specific needs. By working closely with smaller groups, therapists can identify growth opportunities for every camper and design activities to enhance their development.

Tailored Therapeutic Opportunities

Zier Institute’s camps offer a wide range of activities carefully designed to provide therapeutic benefits while aligning with each child’s interests and abilities. From sensory exploration to social skills development and speech therapy, we create opportunities for children to grow and learn in an environment that is both supportive and stimulating.

Flexible Options for Families

Flexibility is an important aspect of summer programming for kids. We understand that families have busy schedules, so we offer options that cater to their needs. Whether families prefer to commit to specific weeks or enroll for the entire summer, we strive to accommodate their preferences, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate and benefit from our camps.

Starting the School Year Strong

The extended duration of Zier Institute’s summer camps allows us to reach more families and provide ongoing support and enrichment throughout the season. By running the camps throughout June and July, we help children start the school year armed with new skills and confidence gained from their summer experiences.

Embracing Innovation and Inclusion

Our commitment to innovation and inclusion ensures that our camps are accessible and engaging for all children. We create a supportive environment where every child, regardless of ability, can thrive and reach their full potential.

In conclusion, summer camps, particularly those offered by Zier Institute, play a vital role in children’s development, providing a continuum of learning and support in a fun and inclusive setting. With dedicated therapists, tailored activities, and flexible options for families, our camps are designed to help children grow, learn, and succeed, both during the summer months and beyond.